Oxhey Wood Primary School

2 Windsor

In DT, we have been practising our sewing techniques, focusing on the running stitch, in preparation of making our own finger puppets.

In Science, we are learning about animals and their natural habitats. This week the children went outside and were tasked with searching for different animals around the KS1 playground and identifying parts of their habitat.

On Tuesday, Year 2 went on a trip to All Saints Church, where Reverend Deborah Snowball spoke to the children about the Easter story - including the crucifixion and the resurrection.

In English this week, the children have been ‘hot seating’, children interviewed each other, they had to give their own eyewitness account of when they saw Nessie in Loch Ness, they made sure to use adventurous vocabulary to provide a detailed description of the sea monster they saw!

This half term in RE, we have been learning about Christianity. This week, the children have been acting out the Easter story - including detailed descriptions about each of their scenes.

This week in English, we have been creating our own expanded noun phrases.

World Book Day

This week, it was mother tongue day in school. The children had a lovely day exploring different cultures and languages - we were able to learn numbers to 10 and common phrases in: Polish, Romanian, Arabic, Malayalam, Urdu and Gujarati. We were also lucky enough to have a visit from Mrs Ferreira, she came in and taught us about Portugal and even brough in some traditional sweet treats!

After an exciting visit from a dragon, our children decided to go on a dragon hunt around school and had to use prepositions to explain where the dragons were.

Breaking news, a dragon is on our playground! Over the half term, the KS1 playground was visited by a giant dragon, Mick caught the whole thing on CCTV - take a look.

Still image for this video

This week 2 Windsor have been learning about the different features present in poetry. As a way to engage the children, the class was transformed to mimic a poetry event where the children were able to read aloud a variety of poems - to show their appreciation, after each performance the children clicked their fingers, this promoted a true representation of poetry events.

A huge thank you to everyone who was able to attend reading breakfast, the children loved having the chance to read with you!

This week the children have started to create their own fantasy story based on the book 'Ocean Meets Sky' by the Fan Brothers. They worked together to create their own world, including a land where giant cookie buildings are crumbling down and chocolate rivers flow!

All children at school were treated to a wonderful pantomime performance of Sleeping Beauty at Watersmeet.

Great Fire of London re-creation day! The children all had a fantastic experience with the firefighters this week. They have been very busy over this half term, designing and making their houses in the style of houses on Pudding Lane. They then watched what happened when the houses were too close together and made of wood.

Today the children enjoyed an assembly with the local emergency services about road safety.

It was 'Ambition Day' at Oxhey Wood School today. All children in Year 2 were encouraged to leave school today having learnt a new skill - our skills were martial arts and ballet!

Year 2 Windsor were lucky enough to be treated to a computing workshop based on the topic of anti-bullying, where they were able to create their own anti-bullying stories!

The children had lots of fun starting their DT project - they love making the houses for Pudding Lane.

This week the children were treated to a lovely performance and workshop about mindfulness, where they were encouraged to use dance moves to express their feelings and use different strategies to control their breathing when they’re feeling stressed, worried, anxious or angry.

Our History and DT topic this half term is the Great Fire of London. To help the children understand how quickly the fire spread, they were taken outside and had to pretend to be the buildings on Pudding Lane. Firstly, they stood close together, whilst one child acted as the flame that set alight the first house and by spreading their hands and touching the person next to them they were able to see how fast the fire spread. Next, the children were encouraged to think about modern houses and how they have changed to reduce the chance of another great fire. The children came up with excellent examples, including the houses being built out of bricks and located further apart from one another.

The children have been so amazing this half term, they even filled up the pompom jar! As a special treat for their wonderful behaviour, the classroom was turned into a cinema theatre and they were each awarded some tasty popcorn!

On Wednesday we went on a walk around our local area, the children had to identify the different human and physical features of South Oxhey.

The children loved making bread with Chartwell, we hope you enjoyed eating it!

Thank you to all the parents who attended reading breakfast, the children had an amazing time and really enjoyed having you there!

This week in Science the children stood on a desert island and had to think about the things they need in order to survive. They then had to make a list of things that would make them happy.

Today in Year 2 we were lucky enough to have a company called 'Perform' join us in school for a drama workshop. We were able to go on an amazing adventure, where we were transported to different countries across the world!

Today in computing we used the beebots to help us learn about algorithms. This taught us about the importance of placing instructions in order.

Welcome to 2 Windsor!


I am Miss Richardson, your class teacher. In our amazing class we also have Miss Coleman to support the children with their learning. We have some fantastic learning opportunities planned and we are very excited to welcome the children back to school!


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