Oxhey Wood Primary School

School Values

Ethos and Values


At Oxhey Wood Primary School we believe that all of our pupils should achieve to their full potential: academically, creatively, socially, physically and personally. To that end we aim to create a caring, supportive, happy and secure learning environment where all the variety of successes of the children can be celebrated.


An environment where:


Everyone deserves respect and is treated with respect.

Children develop confidence and a sense of moral and social responsibility.


Positive attitudes to learning are promoted and a high level of attainment is expected, whilst ensuring effective teaching offers a genuine breadth of opportunity.


Lifelong skills of assertiveness, self-confidence, problem solving and communication are developed.


Appropriate behaviour is encouraged and recognised; children learn to control themselves and learn that they are responsible for their own behaviour.


Parents are actively encouraged to play a full role in the school and in their children’s learning so that together, the school, parents and children can work towards achieving our goals.


The promotion of consistency between home and school is actively pursued to encourage parents to play a full role in their children’s learning.


Parents are informed and supported to maximise opportunities for home-school learning and to help them to understand the school’s expectations of behaviour.


Healthy lifestyles are encouraged and a range of opportunities provided to promote an enthusiasm for sport and physical activity.


The governors play an active role in the achievement of this Vision and Ethos by: setting the right strategy; holding the school to   account; challenging and supporting the staff; understanding the school from firsthand experience including taking into account of the views of parents, pupils and staff.