Oxhey Wood Primary School

Year 3/4

3/4 Hamilton   - Mrs Blomfield (

                          - Mrs Keddy (

3/4 Holmes      - Miss May (

3/4 Simmonds - Miss Hewitt (

What will we learn in Spring 1?

Welcome to 3/4 Holmes!

Welcome to the 3/4 Holmes- we are named after the fantastic athlete Kelly Holmes. We hope to share the same determination and resilience in our learning and time at school as this fantastic athlete did when she won all of her gold medals! 

Our topic this term is Tremors and we can't wait to learn all about earthquakes and volcanoes. In Science, we enjoyed making different types of edible rocks as this term we will be learning all about rocks!

First Week Back!

Music Day

Art- Colour Wheel

This Is Me Homework

Edible Rocks

No Pens Wednesday

Hamilton Class Photo

Welcome to 3/4 Hamilton


Our teachers are Mrs Keddy and Mrs Blomfield and we are excited to be teaching together this year.  We are looking forward to this term with some exciting learning ahead. Our topic is Blue Abyss and we will be looking at oceans and the mysterious creatures under the sea. In Science, we will be looking at Animals including humans and discovering skeletons and how our bodies differ from animals. 


We will be adding photos of all the exciting things we are doing this term. If you have any questions our door is always open. 

Trick or Treating!

COP26 Day!

This Is Me!

Thank you for all of your wonderful homework's!

They have all been shared in class and we congratulate Keren and Richie who will be sharing them is assembly with Miss Caplan.

Welcome back to the second half of Autumn term!

This half term our topic is Tremors, we will be learning all about Volcanoes and Earthquakes. This will be linked to Science as we discover all about rocks and in our Art and DT lessons we will be experimenting with tone, shading and texture as we create our own volcanoes!

It is an exciting half term in the lead up to Christmas so keep an eye on the class page for more updates.

Welcome to 3/4 Simmonds

This term we are looking forward to learning all about the Blue Abyss in our topic lessons. We will be developing our understanding of the world around us, learning about our oceans and the creatures that live within them. Our topic in science this term is Animals including humans where we will be learning about skeletons and muscles and comparing them to other animals.


Photos of our learning will be added throughout the term.