Oxhey Wood Primary School


Entering a new situation (e.g. a new school, classroom and a new teacher) can be a stressful time, and some points of transition e.g. Nursery to Reception and Reception to KS1 can be more difficult. At Oxhey Wood we endeavour to arrange a number of measures to ensure this is as smooth as possible for our children.


Nursery > Reception

Our Nursery team, led by a fully qualified experienced teacher, plan and deliver a range of bespoke experiences that link very effectively with our Reception class to ensure that our expectations, practices and relationships are consistent, so leading to a calm, happy and effective transition into our Reception class.


Starting Reception


Following confirmation that your child has a place at Oxhey Wood you will then be invited to an induction meeting in the summer term where we will share with you aspects of our practice so that you can start in September confident that you and your child are making a very exciting first step into their educational life. 

Towards the end of the summer term, teachers will visit your child in their current setting to begin to get to know them and talk to their keyworker. Your child will also be invited to spend time in school with some or all of their new class to get a feel of what life will be like when they start school. 

In the first week of September, members of the EYFS team will visit new starters at home in order to get to know them and you better and discover how your child can be best supported as they join the school.  


Reception > Year 1


The new Year 1 teacher will visit them in their current classroom.

The children will have a ‘Meet the teacher’ morning.

 They will get to visit and spend time in their new classroom 

Go to lunch from their new classroom and play on the KS1 playground

Their current Reception teacher will hand over to their new teacher before they start.

Rose learns about school transition - animated transition story for EYFS and KS1

EYFS & KS1 transition story. Suitable for children aged 3-7 (EYFS and KS1), this is a beautifully animated transition story about a real-life girl called Rose, showing how school transitions work, with some practical suggestions for ways to create the right mindset for coping with change in general.