Oxhey Wood Primary School

Year 4 Key Information

The Living World - Subject by Subject Overview

Our final term of Year 4. We are focusing on 'The Living World' with particular focus on the Savanna. In Geography we will be looking carefully at the different biomes and their features. We will be discussing the features of the Savanna and how animals have adapted to survive this habitat. In Science, we will be discussing different threats to the habitats and how we can help overcome these.

Rivers - Subject by Subject Overview Summer 1

This term in Geography we are learning all about Rivers. We will be learning about local rivers including a visit to Cassiobury Park to paddle in the river Gade. This will help us in our science as we will be learning all about living things and their habitats. We will be able to investigate different habitats in our local area and identify different species. In Art, we are learning about a famous artist called Monet. We are going to be focusing on his paintings of the River Thames and then recreating our own using paints. 

Vikings - Subject by Subject Overview - Spring 2

This term we are learning all about the Vikings and their invasion on Britain. We will be learning about Viking trade and how they exchanged goods. In addition, we will be learning about Edward the Confessor and how he impacted Britain. In Science we are going to be learning all about sound. We will be identifying how sound travels, if it can be seen and the inner workings of the ear. We have lots of exciting experiments coming up!

Misty Mountains - Subject by Subject Overview

This half term we are learning all about Mountains. We will be locating mountains and mountain ranges on a world map, we will be learning about mountain safety and the difference between a mountain and a hill. In Science, we are learning about states of matter. We will be learning about the water cycle as this has a fabulous link to mountains. 

I am Warrior - Romans - subject by subject view of our learning

Meet the Teacher: Lovelace