Oxhey Wood Primary School


Practicing mindfulness can help kids notice their emotions and shift to more neutral thinking, like how their breath feels as they inhale and exhale. Being mindful can help kids manage their emotions and tackle challenges. Keep reading to learn how mindfulness can help build key skills, like focus and self-control.

Thought Bubbles! Mindfulness for Children. (thought awareness)

The Body Scanner! Mindfulness for Children

A super relaxing lying down body scan! Great for your emotion check-ins or the end of the school day.

Rainbow Relaxation: Mindfulness for Children

Enjoy this breathing activity! Made to put a smile on your face and relax you. Aimed at children aged 5-11. I am a one-woman band 🥁 so any support you can give me - via a SUBSCRIBE or a LIKE - would be AMAZING and really appreciated 😌 It will help me to get my resources to more teachers, more schools and ultimately, more children.