Oxhey Wood Primary School

Year 1 Sharman

Welcome to Year 1 Sharman!

Woburn Safari Park

STEM week

During our science, technology, engineering, and mathematical week children focused on learning through investigations.


Our visit to the local post box. 


We have written letters to year 1 children at another school.

Practical Maths lesson. Deepening our understanding of height and length.

As always, we have an exciting and fun packed term ahead of us, with fantastic learning opportunities, school trips and visitors . 


Check in for updates and photos of what the children are getting up to and their learning experiences at school.



Curious Colin, our class mascot continues to go home with someone every Friday. This is someone from our class who has worked hard to follow the school rules.


Please help your child to complete Colin's diary and return on Monday, where they will have the opportunity to share their experience with the rest of the class.

World Book Day. Sharing our favourite stories with year 4.

Wonderfully presented homework. Lots of interesting facts about our new topic, Brazil.

Thank you all for your support during our Mother Tongue day..

Our mother tongue day was full of learning, activities and laughter. During the day the children had a visit from a parent visitor as well as a visit from a French teacher. Learnt how to say "hello and my name is" in another language. Visited the French Cafe (set up in school) and tasted French food - amongst others.  Listened to music in the languages of all children in our classroom and many more.

Visit from a pediatric nurse



smileyMental health week activitiessmiley




Thank you for sponsoring our elf run. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



A game chosen by the children, during golden time called

'Two and a Pencil'.


This game can be adapted in many ways. You can change the rules every-time you play.

Our rules were: no verbal communication, the pencil must not be lifted of the paper and both peers must hold onto the pencil until the game is finished.


Two and a Pencil

'The Jolly Postman'. Recreating a picture story map.

Our class photo :)

Practical Maths learning.

Lots of practical Maths learning.

Please read our school newsletter for further information.

If you have any questions or need any support learning at home - please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you :)


Our Class Photo

Monster Phonics Day

A glimpse into one of our tennis lessons.

When Alistair Patrick-Heselton came to visit.