Oxhey Wood Primary School


Oxhey Wood Early Years Values and Principles

Welcome to Nursery



Our class teacher is Miss Douglas-Law.

Our key workers are:


Miss Sillanpaa– Key worker 

Mrs Kennedy - Key worker 

Miss Scott - Key Worker


Our Nursery day starts 9 am. Doors are open at 8.45 am. All children should be in Nursery by 9 am. The morning session finishes at 12 pm. 

We also offer afternoon sessions for children that qualify for 30 hours funding which is until 3 pm. 


The second half of the summer term our topic is 'Living things and Eco'. Children will be learning about

Growing and change

Our Environment

Keeping fit and healthy - including sport's day


Books that we will be reading:
- Information books on growing plants and food

- Titch

- Information books about our environment for example, about recycling and plastic in our oceans 

- Information books about keeping healthy

- Ready Steady Mo! (Mo Farah)

- Oliver's fruit salad

- Oliver's vegetables



Children will also be learning about Father's Day and we will be looking at transitioning into Reception


There are many ways to help your child at home make progress in their learning.  Some examples of this are:


- Reading with your children every day - they will be taking home a school library book for you to share with them

- Working on 'Fine Motor Skills' – including play dough, Lego, tweezers, threading etc (please see link below)

- Mark making - including finger painting, using chalks, crayons etc (please see link below)

- Counting and recognising numbers - e.g. counting how many steps from the car to the front door, counting how many cars they are playing with etc (please see link below)

- Talking to your child about your day and they may then talk to you about their day.

- Talk about past events such as their birthdays, going to the park etc.

- Helping your child to practise writing their name.

- Help your child to be independent by putting on their own coats and shoes


Miss Douglas-Law

Rhymes and songs: Scan the QR code and sing!

Our Environment - junk model making, pollution in our water, mark making and number 8

Summer term 1 - week 1 introduction to transport, St George's Day, our family and learning through play

Goldilocks and the three bears, learning about number 2 and our new music area

Nursery had a visit from an Entertainer

Autumn 2 week 1 - Outdoor learning

Bonfire night and Diwali - children made Diva lights, rangoli patterns, hand print bonfires, firework pictures and we made editable sparklers